Tree Removal Process
(Adopted by the board of Trustees 10/27/2007, revised July 31, 2019)

Forestry Committee meets on the first and third Wednesdays of every month at 9:00am. All tree removal requests must be received one (1) week before the scheduled meeting to ensure being placed on the agenda.

Requirements for tree removal:

1. Requests for removal of any tree 6” or more in diameter one foot above ground, must be in writing by the member of. A form will be provided at the office or downloaded from the website.

2. Requests to remove trees located on waterfront, wetlands, and bluffs must comply with Pierce County Title 18E Development Regulations – Critical areas.

3. Requests for tree removal on a neighbor’s property must be completed and submitted by the neighbor.

4. Information required from member:
a. Contact information: Name, phone, mailing address and email
b. Reason for requesting removal.
c. Lot & Section number.
d. Number of trees to be removed.
e. All property corners are to be clearly marked.
f. Trees for removal must be tagged/flagged accordingly
g. Detailed plot plan submitted showing location of trees to be removed.

5. The Forestry Committee will review the submittal, issue a permit, and determine if reforestation will be required based on the number and nature of trees to be removed. If reforestation is required, the minimum height of replacement tree(s) shall be at least 3’ tall, of native variety, and from commercially grown nursery stock. Member must maintain the tree(s) in good health and replace trees that do not grow in a healthy manner. Riviera may supply member with list of approved native trees upon request

6. Permits are valid for 90 days from date of issuance and will be posted on property within two (2) business days of approval. Permit shall remain posted until final inspection has been completed by the Forestry Committee. Any trees removed after permit has expired shall be subject to fines as outlined in Section 7.15 of the Riviera CC&R’s.

7. If the tree removal request is denied, a letter will be sent with reasons why and instructions for resubmission for approval.

8. Clean up requirements: all products of downed trees (i.e., branches, limbs, etc.,) are to be disposed of prior to the request for final inspection. Rounds left for firewood must be neatly stacked.

9. Member’s request for final inspection must be submitted no later than one (1) week prior to the next scheduled committee meeting. Member must also submit a ‘revised’ plot plan, annotating the location of the newly planted tree(s) and their type(s) if reforestation is required.

10. Upon approved final inspection, member to receive finalization letter within two (2) weeks from inspection date.

11. If the project fails final inspection the Forestry Committee will send notice stating the reason(s) for denial and process to request an extension to the tree removal permit.


Tree Removal Form Title 18E