Events Facility

Another valuable perk for Riviera members on Anderson Island is the Martha Smith Room. The Martha Smith Room is a popular facility for private and social gatherings, community events, workshops and classes.  It is located at the ground level of the Riviera Community Club administrative building and is available only to Riviera  members in good standing.  The Martha Smith room can accommodate up to 169 guests (chairs only) or 122 (tables and chairs).. The facility is equipped with a microwave, large coffee maker, a small refrigerator, a sink, leather sofas and arm chairs, 150 folding chairs and five (5) six foot folding tables.

Private Gatherings

Members using the Martha Smith Room pay a $35 use fee. Members must submit a $100.00 deposit to reserve the date, refundable pending inspection by staff for cleanliness and damages.  Guests are also immediately liable for any cleaning and damage expenses that exceed the $100 deposit.  No smoking is allowed anywhere in the facility.

Community Events

exercise Anderson Island

The use of the facilities is at no-charge for qualified community events unless food and drink are being served. Under those circumstances groups must submit a $150.00 deposit, which includes a $50.00 non-refundable cleaning fee. Potlucks are permitted, but no alcohol is permitted outside the Martha Smith Room.

Members in good standing who conduct a public event which charges admission also pay a $35 use fee. The booking member must sign a hold-harmless agreement BEFORE THE EVENT and agree to cover all reasonable cleaning and damage costs following the event.

Due to popularity of the Martha Smith Room, interested parties should reserve in advance at their earliest convenience. Please refer to “Use of Facilities” with respect to use of sound systems, tables and chairs; move-in/move-out arrangements, security, etc. Groups larger 50 people will need to rent tables and chairs from outside providers. High quality catering at the Martha Smith room is available exclusively through the Lakeshore Restaurant.

To reserve the Martha Smith Room, please call the Riviera office at (253) 884-4093 or email at